2013年8月.31日(土) 15:00〜21:00 @VARON (心斎橋)
\3,000 (with 1 drink)




1. お名前(複数購入の場合は同伴者名も)
2. emailアドレス
3. ご購入枚数
4. 生年月日
5. 電話番号
6. メッセージ(任意)






お知らせ頂いた個人情報は、本イベントチケット購入及び、チケット引換時のご本人確認の目的のみで使用するものであり、 その他の使用、情報漏洩は一切致しません。 イベント終了後、速やかに破棄致します。


[ Flow of Ticket Purchase ]

Please send the following information in an email to:

1. Name (please include names of others in the case of multiple applicants)
2. Email address
3. Number of tickets
4. Date of birth
5. Telephone number
6. Message (optional)

[ Warning ]

・Those providing a mobile phone address, please make sure your inbox
is not set to block emails from personal computers. Or please allow
incoming mail from in your settings. We
have no control over mail blocking so please check your settings.
・Venue entry will be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. You
may be asked to wait in line.
・In the case that an application is received after the maximum number
of tickets have been sold, we will provide a "Sold Out" notification.
We beg your pardon if this occurs.

※About the Event

Carrying food or drink into the event space is absolutely prohibited.
Photographing and video recording is not allowed.
Once a guest has left, re-entry into the venue is not permitted.
Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building.

※Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Personal information received from applicants will be used strictly
for the purpose of ticket purchasing and personal confirmation at the
time of ticket exchange. All information will be demolished following
the event.